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A Letter of Encouragement

A  Letter of Encouragement

This letter was given to the Development Department to be used as an encouragement and a challenge to Hillcrest residents, families and friends to consider Hillcrest as a part of their estate plan. Why? Just read on.

"Since we moved here, Hillcrest has really changed our lives for the better. The relief from the worries of constant house and yard maintenance, security from home invasion, what we might do in health emergencies or in our inevitable decline, the dependence on children for such health care - these were enormous worries that we do not have to carry now.

"We have come to a feeling of loyalty and obligation for the blessings we now enjoy. An important way that we can express that to Hillcrest and to future residents who are of especially modest means, is to aid the Hillcrest benevolent program. Therefore, we have included Hillcrest in our will as a one-quarter beneficiary. (We had considered making the amount as a tithe of ten percent. That would be in keeping with our lifelong practice. However, on lengthy deliberation, we realized that the burdens removed by Hillcrest from us and those who love us deserved no less than the most that we could do.)"

(This letter came to us from longtime Hillcrest residents who wish to remain anonymous.)

A bequest. A charitable gift annuity. A charitable remainder trust. These are ways you can leave a legacy for future generations, an example to others about what is important to you. This couple's grateful response to what Hillcrest has done for them is an encouragement to all of us to make plans to give beyond our lives by sharing a portion of our estates with those charities that have made our lives better.

Thank you to them for including Hillcrest in their estate plan.

You also may want to make it easy and convenient to have a bequest included in your will. The language below shows how a bequest can very easily be included in your will.

You might find it helpful to select the "print" button below and print this page. Please feel free to give this information to your attorney. If he or she has any questions, please contact us.

*Please note: The name and image above is representative of a typical donor and may or may not be an actual donor to our organization. Since your benefits may be different, you may want to click here to view a color example of your benefits.

Example bequest language - Please feel free to change the numbers or percentages as you desire.

1. Bequest of cash

"I bequeath the sum of $10,000 to Hillcrest of La Verne, CA."

2. Bequest of a percent of the estate

"I devise and bequeath 20% of the remainder and residue of property owned at my death, whether real or personal, and wherever located to Hillcrest, La Verne, CA."

3. Contingent Bequest

"If my brother John Doe survives me, I devise and bequeath 20% of the remainder and residue of property owned at my death, whether real or personal, and wherever located to John Doe. If John Doe does not survive me, then I devise and bequeath 20% of my residuary estate, whether real or personal property and wherever located to Hillcrest, La Verne, CA."