Planned Giving

Impact Hillcrest Homes Today & Tomorrow

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The Ones Who Know

The Ones Who Know

"How do you do it?"

"Do what?"

"Persuade people to do charitable gift annuities and charitable remainder trusts?

"I don't. I am an educator, not a solicitor. Once people know and understand the benefits and opportunities provided by planned gifts, they pick up the phone and call."

There's no arm twisting, no deal-making, no guilt-tripping. It's simply about educating.

That is why the best prospects for planned gifts are planned gift donors - those who have already seen the benefits first hand... like June Teitsworth.

June established her first gift annuity in August 1992 and was Hillcrest's 13th gift annuitant. Today she is also number 60 and number 111. She is a part of a group of 26 Hillcresters who have established more than one charitable gift annuity.

More than a third. One couple has fifteen... another eight... another five. What does that tell us? That those who know charitable gift annuities best are convinced that they are win, win, win opportunities. They benefit. Their families benefit. Hillcrest benefits.

Take if from those who know. Charitable gift annuities increase income, reduce taxes, and provide major gifts to Hillcrest. Win. Win. Win.